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Museum Hosts 100-Year-Old Vet of Millville Army Air Field

The Millville Army Air Field Museum is excited to virtually host a World War II veteran from Emmaus, PA, to share his fascinated experiences. George Washington Whitehouse served at the Millville Army Air Field as a flight engineer of a B-26 tow target plane for the majority of his service. He’s now 100 years old and has fantastic recall of the important things that happened in Millville during the War!

Every three months, the Museum holds a Movie Night, where a World War II veteran tells his history and then a related film is shown. Since the event could not be held in person due to COVID-19, the Museum arranged to have Whitehouse be filmed and premier the video on the day of Movie Night. It can be seen at any time at or on the Museum’s Facebook page.

From left: Museum volunteer Rachel Corma, Millville High students Bryce Brunetta, Andy Hickman, and Alexandra Kukal.

Whitehouse had not been back to Millville until 2018 when he returned to see the Museum. He was interviewed by high school students as part of the Veteran Interview Project, a partnership between the Museum and the Millville Public Schools. Through speaking with him, many important historical facts were learned about the Air Field, which is the site of the First Defense Airport in the United States.

For more information, contact Robert Trivellini of the Millville Public Schools at