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Millville Woman’s Club Presents Author Talk with Bryan Christy

In recognition of National Library Week, the Millville Woman’s Club presented “Author Talk” at Millville Public Library with Bryan Christy discussing his newly published novel In the Company of Killers and his journey leading to his work on animal trafficking. Bryan is not only a local author and investigative journalist, he was the founder and former Director of National Geographic Special Investigations Unit. He noted that becoming an author was something that occurred after a diverse career path. His father was a mortician and Bryan trained and worked with him as a mortician apprentice. That was short-lived and Bryan went on to become a lawyer, a CPA and had numerous other jobs “to pay the bills” including whitewater kayak guide.

Bryan has always appreciated wildlife, laughing when he mentioned that as a young boy growing up in Millville he spent more time with animals, particularly snakes, than with people. It seems appropriate that he has spent so many years striving to curtail wildlife exploitation. His Emmy-nominated documentary film Warlords of Ivory reflects his journey tracking ivory smuggling after elephant kills throughout Central Africa. An earlier book, The Serpent, pertains to reptile smuggling. This new book is Bryan’s fiction debut which he has created from his experience as an investigative journalist around the world and it involves espionage, adventure surrounding the mission to stop the wildlife exploitation.

MWC thanks Bryan Christy for sharing his experiences and thanks Millville Public Library for providing space for this informative evening.