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Millville Public Schools Announces Retirement Of Superintendent Tony Trongone

Millville Public Schools Superintendent Tony Trongone has announced his retirement, effective July 1, 2024. Together with his time at Millville, Trongone has served in public education in New Jersey for nearly 27 years.

Throughout Superintendent Trongone’s tenure, the Millville Public Schools district has seen remarkable growth. Under his leadership, the district has implemented curriculum innovations, including a new K-5 literacy program and 6-12 mathematics program. Student learning and educational excellence have been at the forefront of these innovations and others, including reducing class sizes at elementary schools, implementing a digital learning environment and re-introducing a teams model at Lakeside Middle School.

During his time at Millville, Trongone also emphasized the critical role of character education, leading to five Millville schools achieving recognition as New Jersey State Schools of Character. Of equal importance, over the past four years, district student support systems advanced considerably in the areas of counseling, mental health, and interventions for exceptional education.

Trongone has been instrumental in bringing school facilities into the 21st century, ranging from the modernization of the storied John Barbose Stadium at Wheaton Field, to the successful completion of the Millville High School multi-year renovation project, numerous HVAC/air quality projects, as well as numerous security upgrades, including the construction of school security vestibules.

The superintendent spent considerable effort advocating for the needs of students in Millville. Trongone was highly involved in efforts to illuminate and educate state government officials on the needs of school districts, in the areas of mental health support, school funding, and more. His commitment to this advocacy has had a positive impact on the Millville community.

The Millville Board of Education will formally accept Trongone’s retirement at a special meeting on April 17. During that meeting, the Board will review the superintendent search process with the New Jersey School Boards Association, which will be assisting in the search for Trongone’s successor.

President Kimberly Carty stated, “The Board will work diligently to ensure a smooth transition and continue to uphold the district’s unwavering commitment to excellence when they search for Trongone’s successor.”

Carty explained that the “search process will ensure all stakeholders have an opportunity to have their voices heard regarding the qualities the Board should look for in their superintendent search.”