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Mechanic Extraordinaire

2020 graduate Devin MacAvoy shines at The Authority.

Cumberland County Technology Education Center (CCTEC) 2020 graduate, Devin MacAvoy, has put his education in automotive technology to practice at The Authority. MacAvoy began working at The Authority as a part-time mechanic in July 2019, and he since has excelled, earning a full-time position as a mechanic apprentice in the Fleet Shop at The Authority’s Solid Waste Complex located on 169 Jesse Bridge Road in Rosenhayn.

MacAvoy recently completed a design fabrication and welding project on a D6 Bulldozer at the Solid Waste Complex. As pictured, MacAvoy helped to extend the blade by welding a trash guard onto the blade of the D6 Bulldozer. The trash guard will allow additional solid waste to be pushed at a higher capacity. The guard also helps to block debris from entering the area surrounding the radiator, thus protecting the dozer, and maximizing its operating lifespan.

The bulldozer entered the Solid Waste Complex’s recently opened Cell 9 on March 1. The dozer will push solid waste until the five-foot layer of soft waste over the cell’s protective liner is complete, allowing the 120,000-pound compactor to enter the cell.

MacAvoy’s skillset acquired through the Automotive Technology program at CCTEC prepared him for his future career at The Authority’s Solid Waste Complex. MacAvoy is proud to have earned a full-time position at The Authority and he thanks CCTEC for giving him a solid foundation in automotive technology, and The Authority for giving him an opportunity to work alongside and learn from some of the best mechanics in Cumberland County.

MacAvoy stated, “CCTEC taught me the skills I apply everyday as a mechanic apprentice. I am thankful for the opportunity to work at The Authority as a member of our Fleet Services team. I enjoy working at The Authority, the people are great, and I love what I do.”

Director of Fleet Operations Robert Miller added, “Devin came from CCTEC with a superb foundation in automotive technology. Since he joined our team, he has excelled, learning new skills daily. The Authority has provided Devin with an opportunity to learn from some of the county’s best mechanics, and I am looking forward to seeing him continue to learn and grow in the future. I am proud of the work on the D6 Bulldozer and I am excited to put it to use in our new cell!”