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Laminated Floors

Consider laminate flooring for any room of the house. Its ease of maintenance and affordability make it a great choice.

Laminate floors add a touch of class and sophistication to a room. Laminate floors are available in innumerable designs and finishes. Any room of the house can have laminate floors, as they are very easy to maintain.

These floors have three layers—the backing layer, the core layer, and the wear layer. The word laminate actually is defined as “to construct from layers of material bonded together.”

The first layer of a laminated floor, the backing layer, sets up the other layers to be stronger and more durable. The core layer is composed of high-density fiberboard and the top layer, or wear layer, provides surface protection with aluminum oxide. This ingredient provides the protection to the surface layer.

Nowadays, most of the designs are computer generated, and some of the most stylish, modern designs have come on the market this way. Laminate floors are available in different plank widths. Various square tile sizes are available, too.

As mentioned earlier, laminate floors are ideal for those who want the style and look of hardwood floors but cannot afford the price. Real wood floors are expensive and most will not be able to afford it. These floors are very durable, and they have a hard surface that is resistant to scratch or other types of damage. The laminated designs do not fade with usage and are resistant to burns as well.

Laminated floors are quite easy to install and do not take too much time either. These floors can simply be glued over the concrete or vinyl floor. Some laminate floors require very little or no glue, and most laminate floorings use the tongue-and-groove edges. This allows the installation to be a very easy process. The owner can do it himself, if he is handy with tools and measurements.

The planks have to be cut according to the size of the room, or according to the size required by the space. A couple of tools like clamp straps, cut saw, tapping blocks, and measuring tape are required. Measurement must be accurate; otherwise, the laminated strip will be ruined apart from ending up with a very uneven and unattractive floor. Patience comes in handy when installing laminate floorings, as small details can test one’s patience.

Cleaning and maintenance of laminated floors are not at all difficult. They can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth or mop. A vinegar and water solution is very effective for cleaning, or you can use the solution recommended by the manufacturer. Detergents are not recommended. Vacuum cleaning on a regular basis keeps the floors in spick-and-span condition all year round.