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Inspira Donates Ambulance to Ukraine

On March 23, Inspira Health donated humanitarian aid to Ukraine in the form of an ambulance stocked full of additional donated items.

“Ashley Stetsenko and her husband Dan are very involved in the Slavic Evangelical Baptist Church in Vineland,” said Amy Mansue, president and CEO, Inspira Health. “They’ve been coordinating with us on our efforts and recently reached out and asked us if we had any vehicles that were not in service that we might be able to send over. And so we’ve transferred a vehicle to them, an ambulance, and they are quickly working to try and coordinate its transport to … Ukraine.

“I’m happy to report the ambulance is enroute to Germany. It was placed on a ship and express shipped,” reported Ashley Stetsenko. “Once in Germany, it will go to a church in central Ukraine to begin its much-needed work to help the Ukrainian people.

“Though the devastation is immense, we are so grateful for the work being done to support the Ukrainian people,” Ashley added. “I’m proud to be part of an organization that can swiftly take action to support those in need. It’s inspiring in this time of division that we can bolster a sense of solidarity.”

“On 2/24/22 our worlds came to a stop,” said Dr. Dan Stetsenko. “I and many of my church members are working tirelessly to get all kinds of aid to Ukraine and are supporting them in any way possible.

“Our donations are directly going to the people in Ukraine,” he continued. “We have people there on the ground who we send money to via mobile apps and they are able to buy supplies there and disperse them amongst the most needy.”

Liudmyla Lihogodenko, another member of the Slavic Baptist Church who also works at Inspira Vineland, said, “I’m very grateful for all the generous donations that Inspira is giving for Ukrainian people as my whole family still lives there and is suffering from all that is going on right now.”