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How to Use Instagram Reels Effectively For Your Business

Remember back in August of 2016, when Instagram took some inspiration from Snapchat Stories and launched its own version of Stories? That worked brilliantly, and as of August 2020, they also borrowed another concept from the ultra-popular TikTok form: adding Reels to the app.

Borrow, steal, inspired by — whatever you call it, Instagram Reels have exploded and are here to stay.

An extremely powerful engagement tool, Reels are excellent ways of increasing your audience and keeping your current followers entertained.

Whether you see yourself as a veteran with Reels or just Slacked your co-worker to ask what they are, our experts have you covered. Read below for the ultimate guide on how to create Instagram Reels that will boost engagement.

First of all, what’s an Instagram Reel?

Instagram Reels are clips that can be as long as one minute and can be shared as Stories or posts and are even featured on a dedicated Reels tab on your profile page.

Instagram Reels are no longer just quirky dance videos. Casual users and businesses alike can use Reels to highlight products, make announcements, post reviews, or offer followers general advice and information.

The platform’s algorithm has shown clear preferential treatment to Reels, as Instagram is pushing this feature.

Short-form content is king, as people can digest information in much less time without having to watch a video or read an article. In fact, with Reels, you don’t even need to use any video. Your Reel can be a montage of photos or an animation, all easily creatable within the app.

This is where your business account can capitalize. For organizations looking to make the most of Reels, publishing educational or informational content is a great way to get noticed and make your way onto the Explore page.

Use Instagram Reels to provide value.

Use Reels to truly provide value to your followers. This goes beyond offering up a discount on products, but instead, place yourself as an expert and thought leader in your niche by educating them with information they can’t find anywhere else.

Additionally, utilize the built-in features that come with Reels, which include stickers, on-screen text, and other nifty special effects. Don’t be afraid to spice it up and have fun! Instagram’s algorithm also rewards users for editing within their app, so go bold and make something your audience won’t forget. Even behind-the-scenes looks at your business’ work environment, to before and after shots of a product you’ve created and how you did it, are examples of posts that your viewers will happily digest and enjoy.

Always crosspost your Reels to your Stories as well, and as a side note, take some time to create content for your Story routinely. Stories and Reels are instantly engageable as vertical, full-screen content.

The more engagement on your post from followers, the higher chance it will be exposed to millions of random users on the Explore page. The chances of this can also be increased by using relevant hashtags and keywords when posting your Reels, as people will discover them upon looking up related phrases in the search bar.

Include a worthwhile CTA.

Reels also offer a great way of driving sales with product features. Announcing or featuring products in your posts can increase the hype and chatter about your brand, while including a simple call to action (CTA) in your Reel can increase sales. Or, on the contrary, use a CTA to lead people to your website or to check out a free downloadable resource.

Remember, Instagram Reels are about value. It has nothing to do with the quality of your video camera or if you even have video at all. You have 60 seconds to make something memorable and to really highlight your brand’s personality.

Bogged down by business operations and don’t have time to create engaging content, or still unsure of what goes into a phenomenal and engaging Instagram Reel? Our experts are here to help — contact Clearbridge Branding now.