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‘Future Remix’ Campaign To Promote Community Resources for Youth

The Cumberland County Prosecutor’s Office is launching a new campaign to reduce gang-related gun violence and promote community resources for youth in the county. Part of a broader anti-violence reduction strategy, the campaign is designed to connect youth to available resources and services that help build protective factors and produce healthy, positive outcomes for youth.

Titled “Future Remix,” the campaign encourages youth to create a remix of their future—similar to a DJ changing up a classic song—and change the paths that may have felt inevitable for them. It illustrates that by joining available community programs, they can truly remix their futures and live a different, safer life than they may have thought possible.

The idea for the campaign originated from stakeholder meetings that occurred shortly after the May 22, 2021 Fairfield Township mass shooting incident that killed three people and injured several others at a birthday party. The meetings were called by former Cumberland County Commissioner Director Joe Derella and NAACP Leader R. Todd Edwards. It was discussed that there are many positive activities and programs for young people in our community. However, young people or their families may not always know how or where to access them. All agreed that a messaging campaign with a pathway to access existing programs was necessary.

Thereafter, Inspira Health CEO Amy Mansue committed to providing advertising resources to create the campaign that became “Future Remix.” Bridgeton community leader John Fuqua and Vineland community leader Victor Jimenez also lent their expertise and support to the initiative. Advertising agency Brownstein developed the creative for the campaign and media agency Harmelin Media led media services. will promote several categories of service to support youth, including: After-School Programming, Conflict De-Escalation, Mentoring, Employment & Employment Readiness, Leadership, Life Skills, Music, Recreation and Supportive Counseling.

For a full list of categories and supporting organizations, visit

Also, to learn more about “Future Remix” and discover community resources for youth, visit that website.