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Culture Marketing: Turning Values into Content

Is your company utilizing culture marketing to connect with your audience on social? With so many social strategies and techniques designed to help connect, sell, and engage with audiences, representing your company’s culture sometimes slips through the cracks.

The social media experts at Clearbridge Branding Agency offer their insight and guidance below on how to utilize culture marketing in your social media marketing efforts. Here is how it can benefit your brand, if you decide to use it.

 Utilizing Culture Marketing

 What is culture marketing?

According to Clearbridge, culture marketing is a form of content marketing that spotlights the faces and values behind a brand.

In contrast, your general content marketing efforts likely focus on your products, services, industry, and area of expertise. Culture marketing is about turning your company culture into content and translating that your audience. It isn’t about sales. It’s about connecting with your audience.

So, what are some examples of culture marketing?

How can you employ culture marketing?

There are many ways to introduce culture marketing in your content on social media. Here are just three Clearbridge finds effective that can help you to get started.


  • Spotlight your employees. According to the social media team at Clearbridge, employee spotlights are a great way to introduce employees and garner engagement online. People want to see the faces behind a brand. Introducing spotlights to your content can help warm up your public perception while acquainting your audience with those you work with. Familiarizing the staff of a small business to your audience may also establish a level of comfort for the customer when someone is providing a service in their home, making a delivery, or interacting with them online or over the phone.


  • Encourage employee-generated content. We hear a lot about UGC or user-generated content, but about content generated by your employees? EGC can be as simple as letting a new hire post a Story on the company Instagram talking about their first day or a fun blog or social media post sharing the winner of the ugly sweater contest. Anything that directly involves or is created by your employee relative to the company.

Your employees are already creating content. If you can find a way to integrate that in your culture marketing, it can help humanize your brand.

  • Share from social events and celebrations. Your customers want to know that the people at your company aren’t wound-up robots. Creating content from snapshots of social events, such as an employee’s birthday, a holiday celebration, or a Friday happy hour with the team, lets your audience see you in a more relatable light. Therefore, according to Clearbridge, they’re more likely to relate to your brand.

And for those working from home, your team may want to get creative with screenshots from team meetings to share on social. Maybe Wednesday is “Hawaiian shirt day” and you want to share a screenshot of your team’s tropical spirit. Or maybe you craft a post about what everyone’s work from home space looks like. Either way, make it fun when you can, and make it social.

Are you looking to overhaul your content in 2021? The award-winning social media team at Clearbridge Branding Agency is here to help make this year your golden year on social. Contact them today to set up a social media training.