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Chocolate Rules the Day

...especially when it comes to whipping up a quick and easy Valentine’s Day treat.

by Jean Hecker

Sometimes one of the most delicious desserts can be one of the easiest to make. Bread pudding can be made using many flavorings, but for Valentines Day, chocolate is King.

This recipe uses one of my favorite Italian products—Nutella. If you can bring yourself to resist eating it right out the jar with a spoon, put together this simple dessert and it will be sure to satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth.

Chocolate Bread Pudding
14 thick slices of white bread with edges trimmed (I like to use Arnold’s country white bread.)
1/3 cup of chocolate chips
4 cups whole milk
8 egg yolks
1 cup Nutella
2 tsp vanilla extract
1/4 tsp salt
6 ounces dark chocolate, melted

Preheat oven to 350°F. Butter a 12-inch deep dish ovenproof pan. Place bread overlapping in pan, pressing into sides and bottom. Sprinkle chocolate chips between slices.

Combine all other ingredients in large bowl except melted chocolate, and combine until smooth. Pour over bread and bake for 55 minutes.

Remove and let cool slightly, then drizzle over melted chocolate.

Serve with big scoop of vanilla ice cream for a truly decadent Valentine’s Day treat.

Jean Hecker has a BA in Home Economics Education from Rowan University and enjoys exploring all facets of the food and restaurant industry.

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