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CEO Named at Vineland Charcuterie Branch

Italian charcuterie company and industry leader Paolo Rovagnati has named Giovanni Quattrone as the CEO of its U.S. branch based in Vineland. Rovagnati produces Italian cold cuts of cured meat.

“We will focus on leveraging the market,” Quattrone told Food and Beverage Magazine. “For me, to join this company was a no-brainer. This brand is known in Italy, and when I left Italy 15 years ago, I lived in different countries and would look for where their products were sold. I am thrilled we can offer them in the U.S. now.”

With Quattrone at the helm, the goal is that the product sold in Italy is replicated here in the U.S. with the same care.

“We want to be the top in class in terms of product. We want to give the American people who have purchased our product the same experience they could have in the center of Rome or Milano. That’s the mission of the family and everyone who is part of the Rovagnati team.”

The company brings authentic Italian products that Americans prefer for retail and a broader line and offerings for food service. The hot soppressata is a favorite in the U.S. market, as well as many other products that follow the traditional Italian process, including prosciutto, mortadella, salami, and a mix of cooked or raw products.

“We have the privilege of working with several of the best chefs in Italy to develop our top-line products,” says Quattrone.

Rovagnati’s American production plant imports the meat produced and imported from Italy, then cut and package it for U.S. supermarket and food service distribution.

“The factory in [Vineland] has been built with the same technology we used in Italy with the same machinery, freezers, and equipment. Some of the technology here is top in class in the market, especially in the highly competitive Italian market,” explains Quattrone.

Founded in Milan, Italy, in 1943, Rovagnati boasts a rich Italian history spanning 80 years. Paolo Rovagnati, the founder, was highly recognized in the Italian market as the one that used to personally choose every pork leg. Then he developed this special technique of taking away the bone and treating and cooking with steam, the product and aroma making the product that made the company famous. Then the company enlarged the range; today, with the Prosciutto Crudo, it is the birth of the Gran Biscotto, the No. 1 Prosciutto Cotto in Italy.

A version of this content first appeared in Food & Beverage Magazine.