Fortress in Peril

The story told by Fort Nassau, constructed during 1627 in the Gloucester County territory once known as New Netherland, is one of acquisition, preservation and

Fort Nassau

The study of history tends to focus its view on individuals who guided or participated in events that helped shape our world into what it

Back to the ’80s

Last year, the HBO Max streaming service announced the impending resurrection of the 1980s TV series Head of the Class. In anticipation, it added the

Brush with Royalty

Following the American Revolution, the Founding Fathers dismissed the notion of a ruling monarchy like the one from which the nascent country had just freed

Penny Reader

In the opening sequence of the new Paul Greengrass film News of the World, Tom Hanks’s character, Captain Jefferson Kyle Kidd, is readying himself for

History Notes

Recently, I happened upon a folder of materials from my college days, among them a term paper written for a literature class. I immediately recalled

Home and Work

From William C. Mulford’s viewpoint in 1937, the year he wrote his account about life in Bridgeton in 1850, the home had provided “the most

Bustling Bridgeton

William C. Mulford’s account of Bridgeton in 1850, which was published in a 1937 booklet and later excerpted in South Jersey Magazine, transports the modern-day

Bridgeton in 1850

In 1937, William C. Mulford published a booklet in which he described mid-19th century Bridgeton. His depiction of the city in 1850 certainly qualifies as

Seasonal Lit

There are dozens of holiday movies, songs and TV specials available for our entertainment pleasure during this season, many of which have been examined in