Marvel Man

In April 1950, two weeks before the deadline for his $25,000 bet to visit all 48 states in 14 months while sealed in a Kaiser

Auto Ad Antics

The newspaper advertisement from Ames, Iowa consisted of text and a photo of an automobile, a 1949 Kaiser DeLuxe whose side panels sported the words

Watching the Rivers Flow

Rivers played a crucial role in shaping the development of Cumberland County. Lenni-Lenape tribes and European settlers who had wandered to these shores made extensive

Maurice River

It can be said that the history of the Maurice River is as winding a trajectory as its physical path through Salem and Cumberland Counties.

Odd or Even?

Although it seems unimaginable, it was only 52 years ago that Vineland instituted a uniform system for numbering houses in the town. And according to

Not Just Any Road

With the multitude of celebrations throughout the summer for the Woodstock Festival’s 50th anniversary, another half-century moment associated with musical history slipped through the cracks

Peek at Past Days

Throughout the last few centuries, Bridgeton has accumulated a series of impressive accomplishments. It was at the forefront of American independence, served as a model


It’s fitting that the Cohansey River is named after a Native American chief of the Lenni-Lenape tribe who populated what is now Cumberland County prior

Comics to Cinema

The entertainment world has always drawn from a variety of sources, adapting and refashioning them to appeal to new audiences. This is true of the

South Jersey Glass

As its name indicates, Glassboro was once a town linked to the profitable glassworks business, but its existence pre-dates that of Millville’s legacy in the

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