September 10, 2019

Nothing to Sneeze At

Our backyard has an unruly native wildflower garden. It is chockfull of pollinators like bees, wasps, and migrating butterflies. In the late summer and early fall sneezeweed, Joe Pye, asters,

Comics to Cinema

The entertainment world has always drawn from a variety of sources, adapting and refashioning them to appeal to new audiences. This is true of the cinema’s early use of comic

Hiring a Contractor

Many homeowners take on small renovation projects themselves, and if you are qualified to do that, pat yourself on the back. Larger projects usually require hiring a contractor, including kitchen

Genetic Anchors

So I knew there was a sane reason for my violent revulsion to goat cheese. I once suffered through a three-day conference where all the food, lunch and dinner, was

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