12th Birthday: Cake, Presents— and a Vaccination

Three generations of family vaccinated, from left: Mom Shannon Grace, Jade Grace, and Jade’s grandfather Bill Rainey, all of Cape May County.

Jade Grace turned 12 on August 6. She had been waiting anxiously for her birthday and not just for cake and presents. Jade wanted to get her first Covid-19 vaccination as soon as she became eligible. She has mild anxiety and wanted to feel safer in the world. She also wanted to protect her brother, who is only 9, as well as other people around her.

Her family scheduled the shot at CVS first thing in the morning on her special day. Jade said the shot didn’t hurt at all and she only had a slightly sore arm the next day. She says she will feel safer when she starts school and is glad she could do her part to help end this pandemic.

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