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Plan ahead for passport renewals in the face of longer-than-usual processing times.

Senator Cory Booker (D-NJ) urged New Jerseyans to plan ahead for passport renewals in the face of longer-than-usual processing times.

As mid-year high travel season approaches, passport renewal applications tend to increase dramatically. Because of these seasonal increases in applications, processing times are taking about two weeks longer on average. Applicants can expect eight to 11 weeks for a routine renewal and five to seven weeks for expedited renewals, which cost an additional $60. Processing times begin on the day an application is received by the passport agency or center.

“If your passport expiration date is less than a year away, I encourage you to apply now for renewal whether or not you have travel plans,” Booker said. “Having a new passport in hand will not only help you avoid the stressful wait before an upcoming trip, it is an important precaution in the event of a travel emergency.”

1. Check your passport expiration date. If it is expiring within a year, consider renewal whether or not you have upcoming travel planned.

2. Have a valid passport before you make unalterable travel plans. Learn about the entry and exit requirements for the country or countries to which you are traveling at

3. Avoid unnecessary delays in your application by making sure your photo meets all the photo requirements listed on the website.

4. Consider using traceable mail when mailing your application so you can track it before it is received by the passport agency or center.

5. Track your application status at and sign up for e-mail updates

In the spring and summer of 2022, national passport agencies experienced exponential increases in passport renewal applications for travelers who had not renewed their passports during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The sudden surge in applications caused major delays to processing times and even disrupted many trips and family vacations,” Booker said.

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