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Year-End Roundup

by Russell Swanson, Exec. Dir., VDID, Main Street Vineland
It’s been a hectic couple of months in the Main Street Vineland office, with events following events and all the planning and execution that go with them as well as several grants we are wrapping up for the year. It’s been weeks of multi-tasking, e-mails, phone calls, meetings—live and virtual—and the regular day-to-day business.
All that is pretty much behind us now and even though the holiday season’s still very much here, it’s time to take stock and acknowledge people, groups, and organizations who/that helped us get through these times. So, here are some well-deserved shoutouts.
I want to thank from the bottom of my heart all those Main Street Vineland staff and volunteers; departments and officials at the city, county, and state levels; our media and financial partners; our donors and grantors; and our downtown and local businesses. It’s been said that “it takes a village” and all of these make up the village. The village also contains the most important segment—and that is you. You’re the ones who live here, come to our events, and patronize our businesses. Without you Main Street Vineland would merely be a mutual admiration society and our events and initiatives would just be run-throughs and rehearsals. You’re the ones that make all these events worthwhile and special.
To surround yourself with dedicated, talented people is a key to making an organization move forward smoothly and I’m blessed to have such people as my partners and associates.
Thanks much to the VDID staff to assist us in all of our Main Street Vineland endeavors. From grant-writing and grant management to coordinating and assisting with our events, to all of the daily demands of the office, it could not be done without the dedication of our staff.
Thanks also are extended to our team chairs—Design Team, Vanessa Sosa; Promotions Team, Andre Rivera; and Organization Team, Donata Dalesandro.
I also want to thank our Board of Directors, which plays such a large part in approving programs and initiatives that chart the course of Main Street Vineland. They are Chair Brian Lankin, Vice-Chair Dennis Ingraldi, Secretary/Treasurer Lizzy Kennedy, City Council Liaison Paul Spinelli, as well as Justin White, Macleod Carré, Richard Dixon, Sosa, Robin Adams, and Board Solicitor Jeff Medio.
To keep The Ave looking clean and attractive is a full-time job and a special thank you for that goes to Jim Neher, Alex Gomez, Josh Rodriquez and Charlie Lopez, who have helped in innumerable ways as the maintenance staff for Landis Avenue—out on the street, at our events, and in many other ways.
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Remember to make The Ave your destination for shopping, dining, and entertainment needs, as well as for fun all year round. Save money on gasoline; avoid the long lines at the big-box stores, malls, and shopping centers; and take in the rich variety of fun things to do—right in your own backyard.

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