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What To Know Ahead of New Jersey’s 2024 Primary Election

by Maria Pulcinella, WHYY

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New Jersey’s primary election is Tuesday, June 4. Here’s what you should know beforehand, from election deadlines to who’s on the ballot. Below are deadlines specific to voting in the primary election.

• Voter registration

In person, by mail or online: Tuesday, May 14

Mail ballot request

In person: 3 p.m. Sunday, June 2

By mail: Tuesday, May 28

For qualified overseas civilians and military voters: Friday, May 31

Mail ballot return

In person: Tuesday, June 4

By mail: Postmarked by Tuesday, June 4

Early voting: Wednesday, May 29 – Sunday, June 2

• Can I still register to vote?

• Who can register to vote?

• What does a ‘closed primary’ mean?

• Can I still apply for a mail ballot?

• Can I vote early in person?

• When must mail or absentee ballots be received?

• How will I know if my mail ballot was processed?

• What if I’m a member of the military, other uniformed service or a civilian living overseas?

• What if I want to vote in person?

• Where is my polling place?

• What if I received a mail ballot but want to vote in person?

• What happens if I request a mail ballot and don’t receive it?

• Who is on the ballot?

• N.J. voter info & resources