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What Different Diamond Shapes Say About You

Choosing a diamond shape for your engagement ring is just as important as choosing the ring in its entirety. The band is an important choice, but is an accessory to the center stone you choose. The task of finding your perfect diamond shape can be daunting, but with a little research, you’ll know which diamond shapes work for your style.

With a little help from Dondero Jewelry, here are the characteristics of a few popular diamond shapes.


What Your Diamond Shape Says About You

 Antique Square

This diamond shape has vintage written all over it. The antique square shape dates back to the late 1900s and was prevalent throughout the late Victorian era, Edwardian era, and Art Deco period. If you’re an old soul or have an affinity for vintage style, this diamond shape may be just the fit for your ring.


Borrowing inspiration from the antique square, the Asscher diamond shape, almost like a rounded square, is uniquely cut in a way that adds depth to the stone. This versatile engagement diamond is one that can beautifully match different settings, says Dondero Jewelry. Wearers of Asscher diamond shapes like to do things a little differently and prefer a stone that’s a little more flashy than a round cut diamond.


The cushion cut introduces curves to an otherwise squarish stone, offering a unique shape to the diamond. It’s not an ellipse, it isn’t circular, and it isn’t quite rectangular. The intricate cuts let the diamond shine and pairs beautifully with simple settings. Wearers of the cushion cut are traditional and have an eye for elegance.


The emerald diamond shape has a very similar personality to both square and straight baguette diamond shapes. Clean, straight cuts, offer mirror-like radiance to the wearer. The emerald cut is a wider rectangular shape with dimension, depth, and visible levels. It’s both modern and retro, offering the wearer timeless, elegant style.


Often thought to be an antiquated style, the marquise cut is making a comeback for that very reason, according to Dondero Jewelry. Like an oval shape with pointed ends, the marquise cut offers a very traditional, retro style and pairs beautiful with many settings. If you’re looking for a simple band or an ornate arrangement of diamonds around the stone, this diamond shape will work with the design you have in mind.

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