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Virtual Art Classes

by Marianne Lods, Executive Director, Millville Development Corporation

With the COVID pandemic and the lockdown many people began to explore new interests and hobbies. Some folks learned how to bake bread, honed their culinary skills, and created beautiful gardens of flowers and vegetables. A desire to create paintings also evolved with people looking to learn how to paint in various media and with more skill.

Virtual classes offer the budding artist the ability to learn from experts in the field. Luckily, you can find these instructional sessions right here in Millville and the Glasstown Arts District.

Currently, the Riverfront Renaissance Center for the Arts (RRCA) is taking enrollment for “The Value of Value—A workshop in black, white, and gray.” The class will be on Saturday, February 20, from 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Artist Cheryl Knowles-Harrigan will guide you through this interactive instruction. For more information visit You can register by e-mail:

In late winter/early spring expert-classes for “How to Photograph Your Art” will be led by Bill Horin. It is imperative whether you are a beginner or a professional artist, to know how to take the best images and edit the nuances. Your art will be ready for submission to galleries and fine arts festivals upon learning these skills. Again, register with

If you have been painting, photographing, or sculpting, the RRCA is having an “Open Call for Art” with the theme “The Golden Hour.” All you need to do is submit one or a few images to the RRCA— Submissions are due no later than March 10. If you are accepted, you may drop one piece off to the RRCA, 22 N. High Street, on March 13 or 15. Paintings must be framed and wired. For more information see the same website or phone 856-327-4500 Tuesday to Saturday.

Another great way for adults and teens to sign up is at the Barn Studio, 814 Whitaker Avenue, Millville. Adult Fine Art Classes are one hour for six consecutive weeks. The artist leading these virtual classes is Betsey Tasker.

The Barn offers Teen Fine Arts Classes with artist Matt Daniels. Six weekly one-hour virtual courses will be a great experience for your talented teenagers. Both classes are $108. You can find more information at Links to register are on the “classes” page. Check back often as new sessions are added.

For the 22nd year, Millville Development Corporation/Glasstown Arts District will be taking registrations for Art Creates Excellence/ACE beginning on April 1. This summer art camp will be held July 6 to 30 from 9 a.m. to 12 noon. Age groups are: 7–9 years, 10–12 years, and teens 13–18. All attendees should have a keen interest in art.

Every week the artists/instructors change along with the curricula. This gives the young artists an opportunity to learn several skills. Most of the classes will be held at the RRCA. We are hopeful that Rowan College South Jersey/Clay College at 321 N. High Street, will be reopened so that we may have our most popular classes in ceramic art.

In 2020 we did host ACE with 25 percent enrollment per the regulations of the State of New Jersey. This year, we are optimistic that we may be allowed to have at least 50 percent occupancy. When enrollment opens, check our website to download a registration form at You can always reach me at 856-293-0556.

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