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by Russell Swanson, Exec. Dir., VDID, Main Street Vineland

The coronavirus pandemic, aside from the health crisis, has put a dent in the economies of cities and towns throughout the country. Downtowns have been particularly vulnerable, with ours—The Ave—being no exception.

Of our over 200 businesses on The Ave, some have temporarily closed; others have adjusted their hours of operation because of the crisis. Businesses deemed “non-essential” have closed by Executive Order of Governor Phil Murphy, while others are straining under the burden of the order to have people stay at home.

Businesses considered “essential” include grocery stores, pharmacies, medical supply stores, gas stations, convenience stores, banks and other financial institutions, laundromats and dry-cleaning services, stores that principally sell supplies for children under five years, pet stores, restaurants that offer delivery/pick-up, printing and office supply shops, mail delivery stores, mobile phone retail and repair shops, bicycle shops (but only to provide service and repair), livestock feed stores, nurseries and garden centers, and farming equipment stores.

The Ave boasts a dozen-and-a half restaurants that feature authentic ethnic cuisine. Most of these restaurants offer take-out. You can either go in and order a takeout or use delivery services they offer—such as Grub-Hub, Door Dash, or their own delivery people. You can also get a gift certificate, for a dining in later.

Also, we are proud to announce the “Dine The Ave” Restaurant Gift Card Giveaway. We at Main Street Vineland are organizing a month-long giveaway in cooperation with New Jersey’s Heartland, and with sponsorship by Century Savings Bank. Forty lucky individuals will have the opportunity to each win a $25 gift card to the participating restaurants on The Ave. That’s $1,000 in gift cards! This is a great opportunity to select from restaurants on The Ave and help these restaurants out: Taste Buds (22 W. Landis Ave., Suite A), Tony Soprano’s Pizzeria 107 W. Landis Ave.), No. 1 Chinese Restaurant (509 E. Landis Ave.), Matias Deli and Bakery (511 E. Landis Ave.), El Rincon Del Sabor II (514 E. Landis Ave.), Taqueria La Tejana (511 E. Landis Ave.), Cilantro Mexican Restaurant (523 E. Landis Ave.), Panadera y Taqueria Puebla (547 E. Landis Ave., Suite A), Alex’s Pizza and Steakhouse (543 E. Landis Ave.), Indian Villa Curry and Cakes (601 E. Landis Ave.), Kura Thai & Sushi (607 E. Landis Ave.), Best of Southern Cooking (613 E. Landis Ave.), Landis Pig Roast (623 E. Landis Ave.), Michelle’s Kitchen (632 E. Landis Ave.), Vegans are Us (636 E. Landis Ave.), Hong Kong Gourmet (705 E. Landis Ave.), A Taste of the Island (731 E. Landis Ave.), and Best Food in Town (805 E. Landis Ave.).

For details on how to enter, go to or our FB page ( Even if a restaurant isn’t open, it sends a strong signal that we want to be there to support them. Just be sure to call ahead.

The same goes for other businesses that are open. Rather than shopping online, please shop local. You’ll get the “local touch” service and attention, while helping our businesses weather these tough times.

Main Street Vineland is here to help. Respecting the safety of staff, our office is now closed to walk-in public, though we’re still working every day. We regularly post information on our website and Facebook page. We also work closely with the Greater Vineland Chamber of Commerce. They have added information to their website——and have started a Facebook group—Vineland Chamber Business Bunch—where businesses can post specials, activities, and announcements.

It’s all about helping The Ave—and Vineland as a whole—weather the storm, and come out #VinelandStrong.

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