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Video That Engages

Video content for your brand will engage your audience. Here’s how to make it work.

by Giancarlo Henao

Creating video content for your brand can be tricky but very effective. Video content is one of the most useful multimedia tools a brand can employ. It can stop a scroll and help your brand engage more with your target audience. There are a few crucial things you need to do before you start making video content to share on social media.

Plan Things Out: Start with a plan. Ask yourself a few questions before shooting. How does this connect with your target audience? How can you make this video look interesting? Can you answer certain questions your audience may be asking? There are several ways your brand can build a strong approach when trying to convey a message in a video format. We suggest starting out with something relatable and approachable for the audience to engage in.

Focus on Interesting Stories: Making video content for your brand can be fun. Creating engaging video content can help forge a connection with your audience. Brainstorm on the different types of stories that your audience would most connect with. An interesting story can lead to your current followers sharing your post on their social media accounts, which offers more exposure for your brand and even gain new followers. Be informative in your videos and make it intriguing to your audience with something relatable to your brand.

Target Your Social Media Channels: It is important to note that not all videos need to be created specifically for social media. Some videos can be used exclusively on your brand’s website to launch a new campaign. However, it is always a good idea to push a version of those videos out on your brand’s social media pages. This will help create more exposure for your brand or campaign. Make sure you include your brand’s logo and colors on the video. This is a way to make the video more recognizable for viewers.

Whether you are making videos for your website or social media accounts, it’s always a good idea to implement videos you can use to showcase your product or service through visual storytelling. Whether it is live video, scripted content, or just a behind-the-scenes look at a day in the life of your business, videos are an important piece of content to include in your overall digital and social media marketing strategy.

This article was written by Clearbridge Branding Agency’s Rowan University intern, Giancarlo Henao.