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Types of Social Media Content to Boost Your Business

The right types of social media content can help your business grow by boosting sales, increasing brand awareness, and generating more website traffic. With the help of experts at Clearbridge Branding Agency, we’ve compiled a list of social media content that can improve your business’s social media marketing and drive revenue.

Here are five types of content to include in your social media strategy to increase engagement and drive results.

 Social Media Content for Business Growth

Interactive Content

Social media users appreciate content that makes them feel like part of a community. After all, social media is intended to be social, right? Interactive content that engages your audience by either asking them a question, getting their feedback, or inviting them to participate in an activity gives them a sense of agency. This type of social media content also helps you collect data, learn more about your audience, and develop future marketing strategies tailored to their interests. Some examples of interactive content that can increase your business’s social media engagement are polls, contests, live streams, and quizzes.

Non-promotional Content

Have you ever walked by multiple street vendors who all eagerly invited you to check out what they’re selling? It can be overwhelming, especially if they’re all competing to sell you their products at the same time. This is similar to the experience many online users have today. While social media platforms are a convenient way to sell products, promotions, and discounts directly to consumers, an effective social media marketing strategy should also include non-promotional content. Non-promotional content refers to any neutral content that isn’t used to drive sales directly. Businesses can increase engagement by sharing content that focuses on informing consumers and telling a story, rather than just selling a product. Take a look at your social media content strategy, and see where you can seamlessly include fun facts, infographics, testimonials, and customer stories.

Shareable Content

The share button makes the social media world go ‘round! Creating shareable content can help increase brand awareness and expose your content to audiences that don’t yet follow or know of your business. To get more exposure, share easily digestible content, such as quotes, gifs, lists, or even memes that feature a topic your audience cares about. As long as it doesn’t contradict your typical brand voice, shareable content can have multiple purposes or tones; it can be humorous, informative, or inspiring.

User-Generated Content

User-generated content is a great way to organically connect with your audience and establish trust between your business and your customers. It is also one of the least expensive types of social media content. User-generated content refers to any content users make and share about your business’s products. It can come in the form of photos, videos, blogs, or audio files. Customers will often create this content on their own and tag or link your brand, but you also have the option of asking for user-generated content by reaching out to customers directly. According to experts at Clearbridge, this kind of content can help boost your business by showing your brand’s authenticity. Traditional forms of advertising can tend to seem overly curated and glamorized. Customers value the opinions of people like themselves and are more likely to trust the experiences of others who have used your products.

Behind-the-Scenes Content

Sharing content featuring your employees, your production process, or your daily work environment humanizes your brand by adding relatable content to your social media. Showing your audience the day-to-day aspects of your business helps you stand out on feeds full of polished, promotional types of social media content. It allows your brand to be perceived as “real” and establishes trust between you and your customers. Sharing your production process adds value to your products by showing your audience the time, effort, and care that goes into creating your products. Behind-the-scenes content is also an opportunity to showcase company culture, values, and creativity.

 Are you looking to improve your social media content? With their skills in social media marketing, online advertising, and user engagement strategy, experts at Clearbridge Branding Agency can help your business grow. Contact them today to learn more.