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The Spot’s Fifth Anniversary Highlights 13 New Businesses

Main Street Vineland and the Greater Vineland Chamber of Commerce joined to celebrate the addition of 13 new businesses to downtown Vineland—The Ave. A formal ribbon-cutting ceremony took place recently at The Spot, The Ave’s indoor craft, boutique, antique, and shoptique mall, located at 618 E. Landis Avenue.

Joining in the celebration also were city, county, and state representatives. The businesses, which add to the 60 other vendors in The Spot, specialize in a variety of items, include homemade crafts, vintage collectables, creative art work, sports paraphernalia, home décor, furniture, recordings, and more.

The Spot’s manager, Robin Hope, feels excitement every time a new business opens there. “These businesses are like my children and I feel a sense of warmth and satisfaction when another business joins our ‘family,’” she said.

The ribbon-cutting event is part of a big celebration in November and December to celebrate the Spot’s fifth anniversary.

“We are going to be having weekly sales and events through the celebration and we want people to discover The Spot,” Hope said, “and if you have not been here for a while, see all that is new here.”

The 13 new businesses and their specialties are:

• Buy A Thread—handmade country signs, dolls, birdhouses, and furniture.

• Captain Oz Collectables—vintage record albums, CDs, VHS tapes, and other music-related collections.

• Ed’s Coasters—handmade coaster of all different designs, plus custom orders.

• Glad Tidings—beautiful painted florals and other artwork on different surfaces such as canvas, desks, plates. Mennonite.

• Jo-Jo’s Collectables—vintage Looney Tunes and Disney brand items and other popular items, including cookie jars, toys, and ornaments.

• Marcia Taylor—vintage and antique collectables from all over the world.

• Our Place—art drawings, painted shutters, and other creative artwork.

• Rad Creative Art—handmade sculptures, centerpieces, ornaments, wreaths, bonsai trees, and photography.

• Repainted Furniture—old and shabby furniture turned into something beautiful.

• Steve’s Trains and Toys—vintage and new toys and trains. Many collections.

• The Cat’s Meow—handmade soy candles made in South Jersey.

• The Man Cave—sports paraphernalia of all teams, including clothing, mirrors, cards, and many collector’s items—all authentic.

• Witches Brew—home décor, including Rae Dunn handmade wreaths and other country décor.

For more information on The Spot, call them at 856-839-2825, visit their website at, or visit their Facebook page. For more information on all Main Street Vineland programs and events, call the Main Street Vineland office at 856-794-8653, visit, or its Facebook page.