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Team With Us

by Russell Swanson, Exec. Dir., VDID, Main Street Vineland

We’ve come to the month when we have our second round of quarterly meetings of our four teams—Organization, Design, Promotions, and Economic Vitality—and I, once again, want to invite you to join us on one or more of the teams.

I outlined in a previous column what the teams do but as we’ve moved further into the year, the planning phase of our events and initiatives has moved into the implementation phase. With the weather breaking, our busy time gets closer and closer. So, this is a great time to come on board.

All our teams will be meeting on successive Thursdays this month, at 12 p.m., at the Main Street Vineland office, 603 E. Landis Avenue. You can join in person or virtually on Zoom; just let us know in advance so we can send you the link, .

First up will be our Organization Team this Thursday, April 7. That team is hard at work getting sponsors and finding other funding sources for our events and projects. In some cases, it is renewing established relationships and sponsorships. In other cases, it’s reaching out to new, prospective sponsors. The team is also working to recruit new volunteers, maintain established volunteers, and to spread the word.

Our Design Team meets next, on April 14. That team works to make The Ave look the best it can be by enhancing its physical appearance. Some mural projects are being planned—part of our Urban Canvases on The Ave Mural Project—as well as other beautification projects. As mentioned last week, we’ll be planting a tree in the southeast mini-park for Arbor Day on Friday, April 29. This and more are coming up for that team—including a major multi-faceted beautification project, which you’ll hear about soon.

We come then, on April 21, to the Promotions Team. With the spring and summer, events on The Ave come fast and thick, so the details of implementation need to be tackled. The Crafts and Antiques Show on The Ave will be coming up first—on May 7—followed by Cruise Down Memory on June 11. Then, the events really get rolling. So, things need to get put in place now.

The team meetings wind up on April 28 with our Economic Vitality Team. That team helps our general business climate. The office gets word about grants, trainings, and seminars that is then pushed out to our businesses on The Ave. The team will also be involved with some ribbon-cuttings and putting out a business newsletter to inform our businesses and merchants about initiatives and programs of which they can take advantage.

This isn’t to say that all the business and discussion takes place at these four meetings. Subcommittees work within each team to move the ball on all the projects involved. The results are discussed at the team meetings, as well as new developments and projects.

As I said before, you may choose just one team or to be active in a number of areas. Whether you want to be a “full-timer” or a “some-timer,” we can fit you in. Stop into the Main Street Vineland office, at 603 E. Landis Ave., or call us at 856-794-8653. We can talk more and fit you in where you can make a difference.

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