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Multifaceted Educational Event for Millville Students

Muralist Sam Donovan with Millville High students Aurora Ryan, Floris Schneyink (German exchange student), and Daycee Ryan.

The Millville Public Schools and Millville Army Air Field Museum have put together a unique event that will provide students the opportunity to learn math, art, and history. Sam Donovan, the muralist who did the multi-story mural on the side of City Hall, is working on his latest project at the Museum.

While painting the mural, Donovan talked to high school students about the mathematics involved in plotting it. He described how he starts with a scale drawing, graphs a mural, and breaks it into grids. He also talked about the type of paint and other materials used to make the mural vibrant.

The mural is funded by the Cumberland County Cultural and Heritage Commission and is dedicated to the Millville Fire Department’s location at the Air Field during World War II. The Millville Schools currently have a large arts-integration initiative that uses all of the arts as a catalyst for students to learn about math, language arts, social studies, and science.

As part of the Museum’s student Veteran Interview Project, students also enjoyed interviewing World War II veteran 95-year-old Charley Pierce, of Cedarville. Pierce was wounded at the Battle of the Bulge, but that’s just one part of the important history he was involved in. His unit was part of a diversion on D-Day and then spent the end of the War in the Pacific. The Project is a partnership between the Museum and the Millville Public Schools.

For additional information, contact Robert Trivellini of the Millville Public Schools at or 609-805-6700.