Model Congress

CCTEC students participate in New Jersey’s Model Congress debates and passing of bills.

TEC’s Model Congress team virtually participated in this year’s NJ Model Congress. Students debated bills and passed legislation in committees.

Congratulations to seniors Millie Martinez Sosa who served as President of the Senate and Haleigh Purich who served as Speaker of the House, in roles where they oversaw debate in overall sessions of congress.

Congratulations to senior Elizabeth Lascarez who served as NJ Democratic Party Leader, targeting bills to pass or fail and rallying support for her party.

Congratulations as well to Skylar Cooper on her selection as Outstanding Delegate. Michael Seda served as Independent Party Whip and Barry Ballurio as Republican Party Whip.

Congratulations to all TEC’s students on passing their bills: Noah Jones, Anthony Kristovich, Barry Ballurio, Skylar Cooper, RJ Franceschini, Alexis Spencer, Julie Zhu, Thereasa Whyte, Julia Piekielko, Sydney Taylor, Elizabeth Lascarez, Destiny Thompson, Millie Martinez Sosa.

Mrs. Erin Tietjen and Mr. Shawn Riggins are club advisors.

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