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Mayor Fanucci Urges Residents to Follow Stay-at-Home Orders

Mayor Anthony Fanucci has issued a statement strongly urging Vineland residents to strictly follow the Stay-at-Home orders issued by Governor Phil Murphy.

“The best defense against COVID-19 currently available is limiting interaction with other people,” Mayor Fanucci said. “It is the responsibility of each of us to continue to do our part in order to protect the Vineland community and ensure our local healthcare facilities are not overwhelmed.”

“Sadly, as of now, 19 cases have been identified in the city [60 in Cumberland County, as of Sunday, April 5]. Our prayers go out to each and every one of these individuals and their families. Based on the origins of these cases and the containment measures put in place, there is currently no evidence of community spread in Vineland. This of course can change, so now is the time for all of us to redouble our efforts to help keep the virus from spreading.

“Under New Jersey’s Stay at Home orders, individuals are allowed to leave their homes to buy groceries, gas, medicine, and other necessary supplies. But I implore you to limit trips as much as possible and to strictly adhere to social distancing guidelines while shopping. The governor’s order also allows residents to take a walk, go for a run, or engage in outdoor activities at a Vineland park as long as they stay six feet from others. Large gatherings, which include pickup basketball games or any team sport, are not permitted. Additionally, all restrooms in the parks are closed until further notice. Local and State law enforcement personnel will be keeping an eye on this and dispersing those violating the order. Be advised that repeat offenders can be issued a summons for disregarding any rule or regulation adopted by the governor.”

“I am also pleased to report that in conjunction with our County partners and the CompleteCare Health Network, a drive throuth testing site is being established for Vineland residents and CompleteCare Health Network patients with symptoms of coronavirus. Testing is by appointment only. In order to schedule a test, individuals can go to or call 856-451-4700 to request an appointment.”

Prior to an appointment being scheduled, individuals will be screened over the phone by a CompleteCare provider to ensure that they meet the testing criteria of being symptomatic, along with one of the specific risk factors. If testing is recommended, patient information will be forwarded to the Cumberland County Department of Health, and a representative will contact the individual to schedule a testing appointment. The test will be free of charge and no co-pay will be required for the screening. Primary care providers of non CompleteCare patients that live in Vineland and are in need of testing should direct their patients to call or visit the CompleteCare’s website to be screened and registered for testing.

“This is certainly a challenging time. But it is also a time to be kind to one another, look after friends and neighbors, and do all we can as individuals and a community to meet the challenge. ‘We are all in this together’ is not just an expression, it has significance like no other time in our recent history. Stay strong and we will get through this difficult period together.”