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Mayor Fanucci Issues COVID Update

“New Jersey is starting to see the predicted fall surge with new cases rising to more than 1,000 per day, the most since May. While this number is significantly less than our springtime highs, they are much higher than where we were throughout most of the summer and until just a few weeks ago. Unfortunately, this also leads to the inevitable increase in hospitalizations, which are also beginning to edge back up.”

“I applaud Vineland residents, businesses, educational institutions, and all of our essential workers for everything you have done since March to help combat COVID-19 in our community. You have surely saved lives. Through these combined efforts, we have proven we can flatten the curve and sustain a transmission rate that is below 1. I know after almost eight months that there is a sense of fatigue, and as the holidays approach, a greater desire to get together with family and friends in social gatherings. But, it is very critical we do not let our guard down.”

“As the rate begins to climb, it is important to point out that the majority of new cases are not coming from our schools, businesses, or other outdoor activities. They are coming from gatherings inside private homes. Now is the time to renew our focus and to not let our guard down. If we work together, we can ensure our community is as safe as possible and give our healthcare providers the ability to maintain the levels of care and available resources required for those in need of all forms of medical assistance.”

“So please continue to abide by the state’s directive to wear face coverings and maintain social distancing in public, wash your hands often, and be mindful of attending or hosting indoor gatherings. The Vineland Health Department is working with state and federal health officials on a local rollout plan for the vaccine as soon as it is approved by the FDA. But until it becomes available, we all must continue to do our part to help keep Vineland healthy and safe.”

“This has truly been a difficult year, but my administration and I could not be prouder of how the Vineland community has responded to meet the challenge. Thank you for your support and keep up the good work.” —Mayor Anthony Fanucci