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Laundry Room Ideas to Maximize Your Space

Mulling over laundry room ideas before your next home renovation? No matter big or small, there are always ways to maximize storage and elevate a space with a proper design plan. These days, laundry rooms are often more than a place for separating the darks from the lights. They can be a space for storage, for bathing your four-legged friend, or simply a peaceful place to sip chai tea while you wait for the second spin cycle to end. Getting inspired by different laundry room ideas, features, and styles will ensure you get the most out of your renovation.

The custom cabinetry experts at Elevations Cabinetry & Millwork in Vineland, NJ, share these three laundry room ideas to keep in mind before deciding what it is you want from your space.

Laundry Room Ideas for Storage, Function, and Style

Space-Saving Cabinets 

What would a laundry room be without functional cabinets for storing fresh towels, detergent, and fabric softener? When renovating your space, you’ll want cabinets that are as efficient as they are beautiful. Luckily, modern cabinet design exaggerates efficiency and functionality. Corner cabinet pullouts, Lazy Susans, and a variety of customized drawer inserts aren’t just for kitchens anymore, say Elevations experts. They can make life in the laundry room a lot more organized (and accessible!).

Consider making the most of vertical space through a mix of cabinets, shelves, and racks. If you’re working with a smaller room, you’ll want to maximize every inch of space you can for storage. Slim cabinets are ideal for smaller spaces. They can be customized with drawers or pullouts to house a variety of laundry room essentials like dryer sheets, stain pens, clothespins, and more. According to Elevations, floor-to-ceiling cabinets are a great way to bookend waist-level cabinets and can be aesthetically pleasing while adding more storage options to your room.

No matter the size of your space or the specific laundry room ideas you have in mind, ensure you introduce a mix of cabinets, racks, and shelves to help balance both the functionality and visual impact of the room.

Farmhouse Sink

If you find it in your budget to add a sink to your laundry room, it’s a good idea for several reasons. Not only does a sink help make the room feel “complete,” it can be very convenient for hand-washing clothes, treating stains, washing pets, watering plants, cleaning up after crafts, and so much more.

Farmhouse sinks are popular for their size and classic design, making them a perfect addition to a laundry room with cabinets designed to fit their unique size and proportion.

Dryer Box

While renovating the laundry room, consider adding a dryer box to the wall to maximize your space. A dryer box is a recessed vent box that allows the dryer to fit flush with the wall as opposed to having a five to six-inch gap between the dryer and the wall. It will give you just a little more room—and if you have a small space to worth with, you want every inch you can get!


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