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Landis Sewerage Authority Extends Grace Period for Bill Payments

At the Board of Commissioner’s meeting Monday, April 20, 2020, the LSA adopted an extended grace period for which interest will not be applied to the LSA sewer bills. The LSA has been open this entire time as essential utility workers, the lights are on, the pumps are working and we continue to clean water every day. We are on reduced staffing shifts to support social distancing.

Customers are encouraged to not let their balance grow after this period and if a full payment cannot be made, a partial payment is welcomed and suggested. Send in a check with the account number written on it with whatever they can afford during the longer grace period. Customers can break down their six-month bill into monthly payments over this 90-day extended grace period with no interest.

Customers are also reminded not to flush personal wipes or baby wipes down the toilet, only toilet paper, as the wipes will clog your residential lines as well as the lines in the street and the pumps.