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Instagram TV

by Rebecca Kowalewicz, VP Digital

In June of 2018, Instagram launched a new feature, coined IGTV (Instagram TV). In its first full year, IGTV has gained traction among users, companies, and influencers.

Utilizing Instagram in your company’s social media campaigns is a must, especially if you are targeting a younger audience. But you might be wondering if your company should invest in using app features like IGTV. Consider the following information to determine if IGTV is right for your next social media campaign.

IGTV Information: IGTV was created to work with the user’s phone to enhance the viewing experience of vertical videos on Instagram. Before, Instagram allowed one-minute videos only viewable within the small dimensions of Instagram’s timeline. With IGTV, users can watch videos full screen free of any time restrictions.

IGTV Format Information: To access IGTV, once you’ve downloaded the app, click the TV shaped button in the right-hand corner of the app. This opens all the videos in IGTV from the different users you follow. If you’re familiar with the platform already, posting IGTV videos will not be challenging to navigate.

IGTV Limitations: The limitations of this feature come down to two different points—your company’s number of followers on Instagram and your target audience.

If your company doesn’t have a massive following like brands as big as Nike, Adidas, and Netflix, IGTV might not be super effective for your marketing efforts. But there are still ways to make sure your IGTV videos reach your audiences, even if you have a smaller follower count.

It is important to know your audience before you start using IGTV. You want to make sure that the mediums you choose to promote your company are the ones your audience utilize. The demographics of Instagram users on IGTV predominantly fall under both the millennial and Gen Z generations. For fashion and lifestyle brands, IGTV works perfectly. However, regardless of your product or brand, creativity plays a key role in what your customers on IGTV will watch. Whether you’re a automotive repair shop or a hair salon, think outside of the proverbial box for fun and engaging videos.

Get the Most from IGTV: Many people consume videos on their phones over text or static images. Two methods for getting the most out of IGTV are to make videos three to five minutes long, and budget willing, influencer marketing.

Videos around three to five minutes long have proven to render more engagement on IGTV. Generating videos in this time frame works well to get the most out of communicating your brand’s message on IGTV. Keep your messages short and digestible.

Influencer marketing is a route worth exploring as well. Utilizing online influencers that align with your brand’s message not only boost engagement from your followers but extends the engagement to the influencer’s following. This specific marketing mechanism is popular among many brands and is a perfect avenue to explore when planning a social media campaign. Influencer marketing doesn’t have to be expensive. You don’t need a big budget to use influencers. Think about using nano and micro influencers from your community—church leaders, school principals, or other community leaders that are leading the change in your area.

With Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter expanding their opportunities for businesses and brands, our social marketing efforts need to be as fluid as the platforms we use to connect to our customers. IGTV is a great place to start!

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