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How to Raise Brand Awareness with Social Media

Raising brand awareness with social media is an integral part of growing your personal customer base. But how do you do it? We reached out to the experts at Clearbridge Branding Agency, an award-winning team of social media and branding professionals in the Philadelphia area, to ask for their help in identifying what businesses can do to improve brand awareness. Here are five key takeaways from our conversation with them.

Raising Brand Awareness on Social Media

 #1: Select the right platforms for your audience.

According to Clearbridge, branding on social media is all about finding where your audience is hanging out. If you’re a law firm, you probably won’t be creating boards on Pinterest. On the flip-side, if you’re a bakeshop or boutique, Twitch isn’t going to yield any traction in your brand awareness. Know your audience and find where they are.

#2: Cultivate a unique voice and personality.

It’s no easy feat to cut through the noise on social media, so every little nuance in your voice, tone, and visual expression of your brand’s personality is a critical consideration. You always want to ensure that the voice you craft in your content reflects the personality your brand has established. Otherwise, your audience may get confused or disinterested.

#3: Don’t post the same content across all channels.

If you’re planning out your content strategy, having a content calendar is important. A month-to-month (or quarter to quarter) collection of pre-written posts and visuals to release across your various channels at optimal dates and times. If you make use of a content calendar, Clearbridge suggests you consider dripping out your posts on different days for different platforms. Be sure to bring something new and different and write each post specifically for the platform it will release on.

For example, you may make one post on Facebook, a different post on Twitter, and a third post on Instagram. Throw your content calendar in a blender and post different content on different platforms to keep followers who may be following your brand on more than one platform interested.

#4: Keep your branding consistent.

One secret to creating brand awareness on social is something so simple that all-too-often gets overlooked: keeping consistency. Ensure that your content, as nuanced as it may be for specific platforms, is consistently branded across all social media channels. Experts at Clearbridge urge you to ensure your profile features remain consistent, too. For example, if your profile photo on Facebook is an icon or symbol from your logo, it should also be for LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, or any other platform you are using.

#5: Promote posts and utilize social media advertising.

Oftentimes on social media, organic reach only goes so far. You want to get your content in front of more eyes—and particularly those who do not already follow you. Budgeting for an ad spend to promote posts and run ads will help build more brand awareness and expand the audience who sees it. To learn more about promoted posts, click here.

In short, the secret to creating brand awareness is having awareness yourself. Know your brand, know your audience, and be mindful of how every detail fits together to tell your story on social.

Need a little more help? The award-winning social media team at Clearbridge Branding Agency is here to help take your brand to the next level online. Contact them today to set up a social media training or to discuss our available services.