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Hope in Spring

by Deborah Boerner Ein, Editor

With the COVID-19 virus still very much a part of our daily lives, we have much information to impart to you. In our cover story this week, “Takeout Only,” SNJ Today Associate Editor Ahmad Graves-El talked with three local restaurateurs about how they and their businesses are weathering the pandemic.

Also this week, we again bring you a Community Update, on pages 4 through 6. It includes state, county, and local information and resources. On page 11, Marianne Lods, executive director of Millville Development Corporation, presents valuable information for businesses trying to survive the economic crisis created by the COVID-19 pandemic.

On Friday, March 27, SNJ Today Radio Hosts John and Yamira interviewed the mayors of all three of Cumberland County’s largest towns—Bridgeton Mayor Albert Kelly, Millville Mayor Michael Santiago, and Vineland Mayor Anthony Fanucci. The team will continue to do these radio segments throughout the week. Already scheduled at presstime—Senator Michael Testa on Monday, Sheriff Robert Austino on Tuesday. You can livestream at OR catch these updates on 99.9 FM. The best way to stay up to date is to download our “SNJ Today Radio” app from the Apple App Store or google play store. Listen to these interviews for the very latest regarding COVID-19 measures being taken in your town and county.

Jane Morton Galetto, in her article “You Can’t Cancel Spring,” on page 8, reports on the annual return of the osprey to their roosts in our region. It’s a story of renewal and continuity, and we can all use a dose of each of those right now.

Speaking of spring, I’ve taken some of my own advice from last week’s suggested list of activities and pulled out a puzzle I haven’t done for many years called “Familiar Birds.” It has kept me busy and immersed me in the natural world. Now that it’s completed, I’m using it to help me identify birds that visit our yard. I sent the photo of the puzzle to a few friends and Olivia texted back that she was at that very moment birdwatching from her window. We had texts flying (pun intended!) back and forth naming the birds we were spotting in our yards!

Now if I can only get to some spring cleaning.

Be well and keep the faith.