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Holiday To-Do List

Here’s some inspiration to get you started on some holiday tasks.

by StatePoint

From greeting cards to seasonal to-do lists, there’s a lot to write down and keep track of during the holidays. Use these tips and recommendations to reduce stress while you complete these important tasks.

  • To-do lists: Whether you’re listing the gifts you must buy for loved ones, the groceries you need to prepare a holiday feast, or the tasks you must complete before your guests arrive, writing and referencing a lengthy to-do list can be anxiety-provoking. However, choosing the colors of your stationery and writing utensils wisely can ease these feelings and spur you to action.

The colors in the G2 gel ink pen’s limited-edition Harmony Collection were formulated to create an oasis of calm. Color psychology suggests that gray represents neutrality and balance, iris blue is meditative with a touch of magic, apricot orange balances energy and is relaxing, salmon signifies hope, health and happiness, grape connotes harmony, and rose pink inspires grace, gratitude and joy. Choose colors according to your mood, then, keep your lists posted prominently, such as on your desk, or at eye level on the fridge, so you stay on top of tasks. After completing an item, cross it out for a sense of immediate accomplishment.

  • Calendars and planners: Plans can change quickly during the hectic holiday season, so be prepared to adapt to evolving schedules, while keeping everyone in the family updated. When entering such seasonal events as holiday office parties, cookie swaps and school plays into your calendar or planner, be sure to use ink that erases cleanly, so you can revise repeatedly as needed. Pilot’s FriXion line of erasable pens come in a variety of hues, making them a great choice for vibrant and easy color coding.
  • Gift tags: Sometimes it’s the littlest details that count the most. To ensure loved ones find their names clearly on all the items they receive from you this holiday season, be sure to use a rolling ball pen, such as the Precise Deco pen, to allow for clean lines, even on small gift tags. To personalize gift tags a bit, draw a cute little doodle or cartoon specific to each gift recipient, such as their favorite seasonal symbols, animals or abstract designs.
  • Holiday cards: The holiday season is the perfect time to catch friends and family up on the events of the past year. While all that note-writing is a beautiful way to stay connected to the people that matter most, it can lead to writing fatigue. To write and address your greeting cards with more ease and less stress, use a tool such as Dr. Grip, a wide body ergonomic pen with a comfortable rubber grip. Its smooth-writing ink dries quickly to help avoid smears, so your sentiments won’t get muddled. To prepare envelopes in bulk, use a wet cotton ball to moisten the glue seal, then press firmly down on each envelope. Post your notes using fun, festive seasonal stamps.

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