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History Meets History at Vineland’s Society

Members of the Vineland High School Historical Committee recently met with the Vineland Historical and Antiquarian Society (VHAS) at its museum. The two groups realized that they have many similar interests. Curator Patricia Martinelli gave a tour of the museum. “The students were very interested in our exhibits and asked some thought-provoking questions,” Martinelli said.

Some students recall visiting when they were younger, and it was a new discovery for others. They were fascinated by the number of historic events and inventions credited to Vineland residents, Martinelli said.

VHAS Trustees Warren Crescenzo, Naomi Ingraldi and Jennifer Hainley were also present. “We found the students had sincere interest and wanted to know more about the society and the museum, “Crescenzo said. “It was a great experience for all.”

Following the tour, the students examined some photos and other items of historic interest. The Vineland High School photos, dating back to the original VHS on Plum Street, will be shared with the committee.

Students attending were Zakher Armstrong, Jeremy Pichardo, Josiah Velasquez, Jayden Mojica, Justin Morris,Frederick Langlios, Skye Santiago, Kameron Carder, Hector Arocho,Yoan Feliz, Dequan Jones, Anthony Bratton, Sam Garcia, Joseph Moran, Erick Hernandez, and Michaela Giuliani. Teachers in attendance were Vince Luciano, Dan Kuzma, Deanna Elliot and committee advisor, Chris Mohan.

The Vineland Historical Society is located at 108 South Seventh St. in Vineland. Museum hours are Wednesday, Thursday and Friday by appointment. Saturday tours are conducted at 1, 2 and 3 p.m. Call 856-691-1111 for addition information or visit and pages on social media.