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Gift Card Program: Ave Bucks

by Russell Swanson, Exec. Dir., VDID, Main Street Vineland

Everyone likes the idea of more money in their pocket, especially in this time of inflation. Well, whether you’re a customer or a business, this is a program made for you.

I’ve mentioned in past columns our participation in the Department of Community Affairs’ Neighborhood Preservation Program (NPP) and the various programs and initiatives that are part of this great program. One of the programs is a gift card matching BOGO program that we’re calling Ave Bucks. Businesses in the NPP district can sign up their businesses to participate. Through NPP, we will match $25 toward a $50 gift card purchase at participating businesses. It’s being done with success elsewhere and we’re working to repeat that success here.

It’s a win for all concerned. It’s a win for the customer because it doubles that customer’s purchasing power. Everybody loves a bargain. It’s a win for the business because it drives more customers—and more sales—to the business. It’s a win for our downtown and the NPP district because it drives more customer traffic and interest to the area. What could be better?

For more information on this and the other NPP programs—including how businesses can apply to be part of this gift card program, visit our website at

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Here’s a reminder about Spring Planting Day, which will take place, rain or shine, this coming Saturday, May 14, starting at 8 a.m. Adult volunteers are being sought to help plant flowers at the mini-parks at Landis Avenue and the Boulevard. Areas of focus will be the various flower beds at the four corners and in the mini-parks, around the fountains, and in other areas in the downtown.

The mini-parks have been a focal point for people visiting downtown Vineland and for people passing through the downtown along The Ave. We are using the mini-parks more and more for events and want to make them look the best they can.

We also have other locations along The Ave that are made more beautiful with flowers. Volunteers will meet at the military mural, in the southwest mini-park, Landis Avenue and the Boulevard. Gardener’s gloves and tools will be available—or volunteers can bring their own. Those interested in helping should give the Main Street Vineland office a call at 856-794-8653 or e-mail

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