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Compressed Natural Gas Station and Clean Energy HUB Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

From left: Douglas Long, New Jersey Assemblyman Matt Milam, Cumberland County Clerk Celeste Riley, Cumberland County Freeholder Director Joseph Derella, Cumberland County Freeholder Deputy Director Darlene Barber, CCIA President, and CEO Gerard Velazquez III, Cumberland County Freeholder Carol Musso, Cumberland County Freeholder Jack Surrency.

The Cumberland County Improvement Authority held an official ribbon-cutting ceremony for its new Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Station and Landfill Energy HUB located at the Solid Waste Complex in Deerfield Township, New Jersey, at 169 Jesse Bridge Road.

The Landfill Energy HUB is a $9 million project in partnership with Energy Power Partners (EPP), which will power all of the CCIA’s operations at the landfill and administrative center through the methane gas created by the landfill. The gas provided will produce approximately 37.5 million kilowatt-hours of electricity, which is enough to power 3,200 homes and will reduce annual emissions by 29,000 tons of carbon dioxide.

The CNG Station, a $2.8 million project, provides a cleaner and less expensive alternative fuel to diesel. This station will help the CCIA save on costs for its fleet management operation and in its partnership with the Atlantic County Utilities Authority, which currently services Vineland trash pick-up with 18 CNG capable trucks. ACUA will be expanding its trash collection services to the City of Millville next spring.

During the ceremony, Jerry Velazquez, President and CEO of the CCIA, said, “The landfill is the operational hub of the CCIA, and the staff is committed to finding greater efficiencies and cost savings for the county. All of the recent improvements, from the CNG station to the truck wash and fleet maintenance facility, are ways the CCIA is providing direct savings to taxpayers.” He also thanked all of the partners involved in the projects for helping CCIA become one of the most progressive authorities in the state.

Cumberland County Freeholder Director Joseph Derella cited the substantial economic benefit the CCIA’s fleet management program provides to the taxpayers of Cumberland County, stating, “CCIA’s fleet maintenance of County vehicles provides $335,675 in direct savings.” The CCIA’s expansive shared service program goes beyond fleet maintenance. Deputy Freeholder Director Darlene Barber explained, “Our County enjoys significant expense savings through a variety of shared services provided by the CCIA including property management, fuel, diagnostic services, rent restructuring, and construction management services.”

New Jersey Assemblyman Matthew Milam of the first Legislative district presented the Cumberland Improvement Authority with a Commendation for their efforts. The CCIA’s team provided facility tours of the energy grid to attendees, explaining how the operations will work and some of the other innovative projects at the landfill. The CCIA is dedicated to improving efficiency in Cumberland County through innovation and partnerships.