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Community Food Bank Fleet Running Better Than Ever

by Carlos M. Rodriguez, president and CEO, Community Food Bank of New Jersey

We rely on our fleet of trucks, vans, and mobile pantries to reach hungry neighbors near and far in our community. We’re able to reach seniors who might have trouble traveling to the FoodBank, families in every corner of the state, and get refrigerated food safely from point A to point B.

Last summer, our fleet was aging and frequent breakdowns prevented us from reaching communities near and far—so we asked you for help.

Last August, you and so many others in our community helped us raise the funds needed to buy a mobile food pantry, expanding our fleet to help meet people where they are. We’re so proud that our fleet is up and running ahead of increased summer need—and our trucks look great!

The need for food in New Jersey is still as high as ever—as food prices soar, one in 11 of our neighbors face hunger. At CFBNJ, we’re proud to meet people where they are and deliver nutritious meals. Here’s what else we’re able to accomplish with your support:

• Delivering Family Packs—bundles of shelf-stable food, like protein, cereal, pasta, and rice, to fill pantries—to over 3,000 families across the state of New Jersey.

• Meeting seniors where they are with free meal boxes, which include nutritious meals and food, to senior centers and community partners.

• Safely recovering food from retailers who can no longer sell it (whether it’s a code issue or minor damage) and picking it up in our refrigerated trucks to redirect the food to struggling families.

We wouldn’t be able to do this work without you. With your support, we’re reaching more families, in more communities, and providing more fresh food to as many people as we can.

Thankful for all that you do.