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Commercial Cleaning Services in South Jersey

With businesses looking for a clean, fresh start to reopening, commercial cleaning services are helping make the environment safer and more comfortable for employees and customers. Businesses need commercial cleaning services that go beyond the effectiveness of aisle eleven cleaning products from your local store or the capabilities of your regular janitorial staff. The need for commercial cleaning services for any size business or workspace is high, and now is the time to act.

The experts at SERVPRO of Cape May & Cumberland Counties explore three commercial cleaning services that can make a difference in protecting your business below.

Commercial Cleaning Services for Businesses

 General Sanitization

Did you know in order to sanitize a surface, a solution must reduce bacteria by at least 99.9%? In times like these, sanitizing surfaces, door handles, and more is a crucial step in guarding against exposure to airborne illness and bacteria. And with businesses having reopened, maintaining your workspace is more important than ever, say the commercial cleaning experts at SERVPRO of Cape May & Cumberland Counties.


Hiring a professional with certified pathogen cleaning capabilities using EPA-approved products to sanitize your space will help make your place of work cleaner and healthier.


Air Duct Cleaning

Airborne pathogens can harbor in places you’d least expect—like the ventilation system at your place of business. Air ducts and HVAC systems are often the biggest culprit in poor indoor air quality, says SERVPRO of Cape May & Cumberland Counties. Systems that are rarely cleaned can circulate pathogens, allergens, odors, and even mold spores. Certified pathogen cleaning in air ducts and HVAC systems from industry professionals can mitigate the risk of spreading germs and circulating contaminants.


Carpet Cleaning

Airborne pathogens can also harbor deep in carpet fibers, rendering traditional cleaning methods useless in extracting them. And while vacuuming is a crucial part of maintaining both the lifespan and the cleanliness of your carpet, it’s usually not enough—especially in times like now. Surface level cleaning can only do so much. A deep clean will uproot bacteria, irritants, odors, and pathogens trapped below the carpet’s surface.


SERVPRO of Cape May & Cumberland Counties is here in your community and Here to Help.® If your business is reopening or in need of commercial cleaning services, Franchise Professionals are available now for a free consultation and estimate. Click on this link to learn about “Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned”, a proactive viral pathogen clean to ensure the cleanliness of the restaurants, businesses and public spaces in the communities we call home. Speak with an expert. Call: 609-624-0202.