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Bridgeton Rite Aid Providing Drive-Up Covid-19 Testing

According to some, it feels like New Jersey is in somewhat of a lull as far as the Covid-19 public health crisis but according to Bridgeton Mayor Albert Kelly, that doesn’t mean we should let down our guard. That is why Kelly and other Bridgeton officials were pleased with Rite Aid’s decision to provide Covid-19 testing at the Bridgeton Rite Aid, located at 52 E. Broad Street.

Any resident interested in receiving a test will first have to register and set an appointment through the company website at

Testing is for individuals over the age of 18 regardless of whether or not they have symptoms and a script from a physician or other health care provider will not be required.

“I know people are worn out from this pandemic and all the changes it has meant for families,” said Kelly, “but I am pleased that Rite Aid is providing this service in the community. I think we owe a debt of gratitude to the pharmacy staff at Bridgeton Rite Aid because they’re taking this on in addition to their regular work of filling prescriptions in a very busy pharmacy.”

As far as cost, testing is free of charge to patients and they will not be asked to enter insurance information. As far as the process, patients will need to go through the pharmacy drive-through window where they will receive a test through the drive-through drawer. All testing will be completed in the confines of the patient’s car with samples sealed by the patient, and then handed back to the Rite Aid pharmacist through the drawer.

The Rite Aid testing process involves use of the self-swab nasal test, which will require that patients arrive in a car as there will be no pedestrian “walk-up” tests performed. It is necessary to schedule an appointment through the website as the Bridgeton Rite Aid, like other stores, can only conduct a limited number of tests per day.

“My hope is that there will be very little need for such testing in Bridgeton and throughout the communities of Cumberland County but given what we’ve seen in other parts of the country, it is good to know that we have testing capabilities available as we need them. Everyone needs to observe social distancing and use of masks when out in public because it makes all the difference” said Kelly.

To schedule an appointment, visit