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Assembly Bill Makes January Muslim Heritage Month in New Jersey

The New Jersey State Assembly has unanimously passed AJR194, a bill to make January Muslim Heritage Month. American Muslims for Democracy (AMD) and coalition partners worked tirelessly to advocate for the bill’s passage and it passage is the result of almost four years of advocacy work by AMD board members.

The bill was drafted to recognize and celebrate the Muslim community’s contributions to American society and promote intercultural understanding. However, the pandemic caused a significant delay in the legislative process and derailed the bill. The Muslim community holds immense gratitude for the bill’s passage in the holy month of Ramadan.

The bill passed 76-0-0 and was sponsored by Assemblywomen Angela V. McKnight, Shanique Speight, Annette Chaparro. It was cosponsored by Assemblywoman Jaffer, Assemblyman Stanley, Assemblywoman Haider, Assemblymen DePhillips, Atkins and Assemblywoman Park.

This bearing follows the Senate’s passing of Senate Joint Resolution 105 (SJR105) on February 2, 2023, which also declared January as Muslim Heritage Month. The passage of both bills highlights the bipartisan support for the Muslim community by state elected officials.

Muslim Heritage Month will be a time for New Jerseyans to celebrate the rich history and diverse contributions of the Muslim community to our state and nation. It will also serve as an opportunity to promote cross-cultural understanding and combat Islamophobia.