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5 Ways to Build Brand Loyalty

How do you build brand loyalty? How do you turn a first-time purchase into a repeat customer? Think of it as a dance; it takes two to tango. Sure, you could go at it alone, but you and your brand will be dancing by yourself. The industry experts at Clearbridge Branding Agency offer their insight on how to build brand loyalty and how you can earn more repeat customers in just five steps.

Here’s what they had to say.

 How to Build Brand Loyalty

 Engage the audience you have.

Like friends, sometimes members of your audience will come and go. After all, you can’t expect to make everyone happy and earn everyone’s undying trust. However, to build brand loyalty, it begins with a conversation, says Clearbridge Branding. A conversation that is ongoing and engages your target audience. Things like keeping your fans up-to-date on new, exciting changes to the company, new products, and how those things will impact the lives of the people that follow you on social and those who step into your store.

Pander to their collective personalities (the personas that make up your target market). Ask engaging questions online. Encourage use of a branded hashtag to create a conversation about something related to your brand. Just remember to engage them.

Provide unwavering value.

If your brand, your product, or your social media content isn’t providing value to your audience, what is it doing? Who is it serving? Your brand is more than your product, says Clearbridge. Your brand should be a source of information. A source of engagement. A source of value in every sense of the word.

Still, the value of your product plays an important role. If you want to build brand loyalty and turn a first purchase into a repeat purchase, you need to focus on consistent value and what will entice that customer to keep coming back for more. Give back to customers on their cumulative spending. “Buy ten pizzas and the next one’s on us.” You get the picture.

Keep things consistent.

As much as value is important to consumers, consistency is just as important. Even repeating customers will quickly tire of an inconsistent product or service. Loyalty is the result of trust, and you have to earn your customers’ trust through faith in a product or service. It must be consistent in order to be trusted.

Speaking of consistency, it’s important for you to consistently present your brand across all mediums. From your voice on social media to the use of your logo in ads, your brand needs to be both visually and tonally consistent. How else will you get people to remember you?

Focus on quality over quantity.

In the world of branding, it’s quality over quantity any day of the week. If you’re a small business with limited hands, it’s better to sell out soon of a wholesome product and create demand than to be overstocked with low-quality copycats. On social media, it’s better to provide high-quality value-centric content twice a week than to spread yourself thin six days a week with substandard social posts and graphics.

Meditate on quality and the rest will fall in place.

Remember to be transparent.

According to Clearbridge, these days, people want to see the inner-workings of the brands they buy from. People want to know the who, what, where, why, and when of favored brands. Be transparent in your messaging. Don’t for a second try to fool your customer. They’re much smarter than you think. Instead, be open, be authentic, and pull back the curtain on your brand.

Social media makes for a powerful tool in creating transparency between you and your audience. Feature your ground-roots employees. Incorporate live streaming in your content to help establish relatability between consumers and your brand. Create connections and engage your audience in ways that are human and real.


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