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4 Social Media Copywriting Tips for Success

Social media copywriting has the potential to increase conversions and communicate the character of your brand in just a few words. We asked the social media experts at Clearbridge Branding Agency for their tips on social media copywriting and what brands can do to make the most of their posts on social.

Here are four considerations for improving your copy.

Elevate Your Social Media Copywriting

FOMO is your friend.

From the POV of a brand or marketer, FOMO, or the fear of missing out, is a critical tool for inciting action, says Clearbridge. It helps create an aura of urgency or exclusivity around a promotion, a sale, or limited time offer.

FOMO is particularly effective with expiring offers. This creates an opportunity to build hype and leverage exclusivity or scarcity in your social media copywriting and creative to persuade users to take a desired action. Choose your language carefully and use words that evoke a sense of urgency.

Be clear and concise.

More and more, your content’s creative is the hook in your post. Whether a video, animation, or thoughtfully designed static image featuring your product, it’s what stops the scroll and influences whether or not users will actually read your copy.

But this doesn’t mean your copy doesn’t count. It’s a beam of support to provide the key information about what your creative can’t say for itself. Be clear, concise, and creative whenever you can. Think about structure, rhythm, and how each word links to the next. Make your writing fluid and easy to read, and it will help elevate your social posts.

You also want to be cognizant of the dreaded “See More…” cutoff. Chances are, most people won’t click or tap to read what gets said afterward, and platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn limit your copy to the first couple of lines. Write with the intention of getting everything across in one to two sentences when possible.

 Be conversational.

Social media copywriting is a spectrum of variety. From serious voice and tone of fun, there are more ways than one to communicate your brand’s character in your copy. But one thing the social media experts at Clearbridge say should link these differences in writing is a brand’s ability to be conversational with its audience.

What does this mean? In short, it means to talk to your audience, not broadcast to them. Social media is, in the clearest way possible, social. Avoid talking at your audience in your copy, no matter your voice or tone. Talk with them. Make it a conversation. Always write for your audience.

 Use a strong CTA.

What step do you want readers to take after viewing your social media post? Will they be reading a blog? Shopping your collection of handmade jewelry? Signing up for a newsletter or email list? A strong CTA or call-to-action helps direct and persuade readers to take a desired action.

CTAs should be concise. Clearbridge Branding suggests using action verbs that clearly indicate what users can expect when they click or tap a link in your post. Determining the right call-to-action for your posts may hinge on your brand’s tone, vertical, or the products or services you offer. Think about the action you want users to take and craft your CTA (and the copy that leads up to it) to persuade them to take action now.

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