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Dine on The Ave is Back

You’ll want to sharpen up your tastebuds again and join us on another around-the-world gastronomic tour without leaving downtown Vineland.
Leave your worries about expensive plane flights or boat trips, long rides, hotel accommodations, or any of that behind. All you need to do is head down to The Ave as we invite you to “Dine on The Ave.”
We have a downtown so rich in multicultural cuisines—from American to Chinese to Italian, from Puerto Rican, Mexican, and Latin to Thai and Japanese. That’s certainly worth celebrating and, so, we’re doing just that—with our “Dine on The Ave” initiative featuring over a dozen restaurants. The prices are right and the food is great.
I’m providing a list of the many restaurants on Landis Avenue. I will be spotlighting many of these in the weeks to come. Although we are featuring only those restaurants on Landis Avenue within our Main Street District, there are others on side streets and neighboring streets. Call them for their specials and hours.
  • Taste Buds—Soul Food, 22 W. Landis Ave., 856-362-5787
  • Papa John’s – Pizza, 106 W. Landis Ave., 856-205-1222
  • San Blas Bakery—Bakery, 106 W. Landis Ave., 856-238-2429
  • Tony Soprano’s Pizza & Ristorante—Pizza, Italian Specialties & Wings, 107 W. Landis Ave., 856-405-0200
  • Moe’s Food Point—American cuisine, 508 E. Landis Ave., 856-457-7430
  • No. 1 Chinese Restaurant—Chinese food, 509 E. Landis Ave., 856-692-6658
  • Domino’s Pizza—Pizza, 510 E. Landis Ave., 856-794-3030
  • Panadera Matias, LLC – Mexican bakery, 511 E. Landis Ave., 856-896-9345
  • El Ricon Del Sabor II—Mexican food, 514 E. Landis Ave., 856-212-3649
  • Taqueria El Paisa—Mexican food, 520 E. Landis Ave., 856-405-6246
  • Cilantro Mexican Restaurant—Mexican, 523 E. Landis Ave., 856-362-5520
  • Alex’s Pizza & Steakhouse—Pizza, Italian & Steakhouse, 543 E Landis Ave., 856-692-6991
  • Panaderia Y Taqueria Puebla – Mexican bakery, 547 E. Landis Ave., 896-794–9995
  • Royal Spice 2 Indian Restaurant —Indian food, 601 E Landis Ave., 856-405-6786
  • Kura Thai & Sushi—Thai and Japanese Food , 607 E Landis Ave., 856-213-6706
  • La Tejana—Southern and soul food, 613 E Landis Ave., 856-378-8132
  • El Tuque Restaurant —Spanish Food, 623 E Landis Ave. 856-466-4439
  • Michelle’s Kitchen—Jamaican and American food, 632 E Landis Ave., 856-794-3280
  • Vegans Are Us—Vegan food, 636 E. Landis Ave., 856-457-5026
  • Hong Kong Gourmet—Chinese food, 705 E. Landis Ave., 856-690-8989
  • Richy’s Place—Spanish food, 731 E Landis Ave., 856-500-6482
  • Best Food In Town—Chinese food, 805 E. Landis Ave., 856-794-8857
  • Kaycee Ray’s Sports Bar & Pub – American food, 830 E. Landis Ave., 856-839-0925
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