October 22, 2019

A Different Lens

Turning 60 has not been wonderful for me. I have some symptoms that have to be checked with an MRI. Vertigo, bad balance, inability to retrieve words from my memory,

Auto Insurance

Car insurance—we all know we need it. But beyond that, many of us still ask ourselves, “What auto insurance should I get?” The key is knowing what deductibles and coverages

Bathroom Renovation

Are you looking to liven up your bathroom? Better set aside some big bucks. According to HomeAdvisor, the average bathroom remodel costs $10,354. Don’t panic, you can still get a

When to Hold the Line

As you’re well aware, we’ve seen some sudden and sizable drops in the financial markets in 2019. While market volatility is nothing new, the recent plunges happened during a period

The Best You

Self-care is a concept oft-mistaken for indulgence, conceit, or self-absorbtion. How has such an elemental part of productivity and happiness become perceivably indulgent or unnecessary? When we fail to take

Positive Measures

One in every three American adults has high blood pressure. To address this issue, the Cumberland Cape Atlantic YMCA has begun a new Blood Pressure Self-Monitoring Program. This is available

Prepare to Vote

Cumberland County took a creative approach to voter turnout last year—a countywide competition that awarded the municipality with the highest percentage of voters with bragging rights and a trophy. The

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