July 16, 2019

The Other Statement

This July, our country will observe the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing. If you’re old enough, you remember when the race to the moon began in 1961

Flights of Osprey

Back in March I wrote about the construction and placement of an osprey nesting platform on Money Island. The article addressed the plight of the osprey due to insecticide exposure,

It’s Showtime

What if one haircut, one oil change, or one date night at your favorite downtown restaurant could help sustain the arts in your community without costing more? With the Xspero™

Beating the Odds

Christina Cavallero says, “I don’t remember it at all” when describing her 2003 automobile accident. Others recall it vividly, as Cavallero was given a 99 percent chance of not surviving

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