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Xspero: FAQs

Here are some of the questions most frequently asked about the program, answers included!

Now that you know how to use Xspero to buy digital gift cards to great local businesses and give to your favorite charity at the same time, (And if you don’t know, check out last week’s article) what burning questions remain?

We’ve heard a few of these questions over the past two years since Xspero launched and we’ve compiled the answers here for you to take a look!

How do I change my favorite charity?

Whether you keep the same charity for every Xspero purchase, rotate through a couple favorites, or change your favorite charity with every purchase, you can follow these steps to change your selected charity anytime you want!

On the bottom right of your Xspero app is your access to your profile. Tap on your profile and right in the middle of the screen will be your current favorite charity. Click on that and you will bring up the list of dozens of Xspero partner charities that you have to choose from. Select one and make that your favorite charity!

Can I use multiple Xspero Digital Gift Cards at one time?

Xspero was created to help both charities and local small businesses. We ask that you only use one Xspero Digital Gift Card per purchase. That way it’s a win-win! The charity gets a donation, and the small business gets some cash in their register. Of course, this decision is ultimately in the hands of the Xspero merchant.

Why isn’t my favorite big-box store on the Xspero app? I go there all the time.

Xspero was created to help area charities and local small businesses. We currently do not have any national, big-box store chains on the Xspero app, though who knows what the future might bring? In the meantime, we encourage you to check out the amazing businesses on the Xspero app and shop small! When you support small businesses, you support your community!

I bought an Xspero Trivia Ticket, why does it say only $2 is going to my charity?

Our Trivia nights are so much fun! Whether we do a Trivia Night specifically for one of our Xspero charities or we do a Trivia Night for all of our Xspero charities, 90 percent of your ticket price will go to Xspero partner charities. Now here’s where we get into some calculations. 20% will ALWAYS go to your selected favorite charity. The remaining 70 percent will go to the charity hosting the Trivia night or in the case of our Trivia for All nights, that 70 percent will then go to your selected favorite charity.

I bought an Xspero Trivia Ticket, now what?

Check your e-mail the day of the event! Instructions and the zoom link will be sent to the e-mail that you have on file with Xspero. If you need it sent to another e-mail, please let us know at

Our next Xspero Family Fun Trivia Night is scheduled for May 20, benefiting 4H of Cumberland County. Check your Xspero App for tickets!