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Walk the Ave

by Russell Swanson, Exec. Dir., VDID, Main Street Vineland

Our health professionals have been telling us over and over again that one of the best forms of exercise that you can do is walking. According to the Cumberland Cape Atlantic YMCA, “Walking is a low-impact cardio exercise that can ease you into a higher level of fitness and health. It’s safe, simple, and regular brisk walking can provide many of the benefits of more vigorous exercise, such as jogging.”

Did you know that we have walking trails with signage—“Walk The Ave” which consists of walking trails in the heart of our downtown district—(1) a one-mile loop going up Sixth Street to Elmer Street to East Avenue to Wood Street, with the ability to get on anywhere in the loop and end up where you started; (2) a two-mile loop going up and down Landis Avenue from East to West Avenue, and (3) a three-mile loop that is a combination of the one- and two-mile loops. Sign-work and maps steer the walkers/runners along the loops. Those participating are advised to obey all traffic laws when crossing streets.

Aside from the obvious health benefits of getting out and walking (jogging or running), taking the “Walk The Ave” trail will allow you to discover, or re-discover so many of the unique businesses, restaurants, places of worship, and professionals in our downtown district. Enjoy some window shopping and make a note of places you may wish to return to and visit after your exercise is done.

Our one-mile loop will let you walk past the Vineland Historical and Antiquarian Society, some residences, City Hall and a few of our off-Landis Avenue businesses and restaurants. Our two-mile loops takes you past most of the businesses in our historical downtown Main Street Vineland district as well as some of those west of there once you cross the Boulevard towards West Avenue.

Maybe you enjoy walking alone, or with your four-legged friends (like my buddy Rocky). Perhaps you would like to organize a small group of friends to take a daily or weekly walk to improve your health and enjoy our downtown. Feel free to stop into one of the restaurants for a bite to eat or a cool drink along the way.

Whatever it is that motivates you to get moving, we encourage you to make downtown Vineland part of your exercise program and enjoy all that is offered by so many of the local merchants who are often some of your neighbors and friends. Be sure to wave “hello” when you walk past their businesses.

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