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Veterans Home Updates Communication Tools

The New Jersey Veterans Home Vineland, along with those in Menlo Park and Paramus, recently received two new electronic records management and communications tools.

After many months of preparation, the New Jersey Department of Military and Veterans Affairs (NJDMAVA) launched two digital communication tools: digital learning management across the three New Jersey Veterans Memorial Homes, as well as a department-wide notification system for time-sensitive information and updates.

“A consolidated digital platform for learning management improves our efficiency and oversight of staff professional training and development across each home,” said Rochelle Guglielmo, director of Veterans Healthcare Services. “Our staff members have many training requirements and opportunities, so this more modern approach helps keep us up to speed.”

Learning management is far more than ensuring a baseline of knowledge, explained Rebecca Resh, Learning Management administrator at the New Jersey Veterans Memorial Home at Menlo Park. Digital learning management ushers professional growth.

“As new equipment comes along, new best practices, the way you are always going to be fresh, and really be able to take care of your residents, is if you keep up with what’s going on in your field,” said Resh.

For situations requiring more urgent notifications to staff, such as an infectious disease control policy updates or an active shooter situation, NJDMAVA is implementing another digital communication tool.

“We have a platform now for mass communication and targeted information distribution. Considering shift work, and the fact that in total, NJDMAVA employees could be in more than 50 locations on any given day, this system helps us reach our teammates faster,” said Toby Tirrito, NJDMAVA Quartermaster and Emergency Management Assistance team leader.

“This set of upgrades to our operations are part of several modernization initiatives including electronic records management for our homes and support to our Veterans Services offices,” said Vincent Solomeno, deputy commissioner of Veterans Affairs. “While many of these updates have been taking place behind the scenes, the ultimate goal is to deliver the best possible care and service to our veterans and their families.”